Northwoods Airheads
Points adjust tool.  This fits /5-6-7 with original type points. This
tool temporarily replaces the advance, and makes it much
easier to get at the points and the screws. You can then easily
set the points using the attached feeler gauge. Then just
remove the gauge and replace the advance mechanism.
Makes setting points almost like fun. Includes  feeler gauge
and instructions.  Does not fit 79-80 models with points in the


Very handy tool and the tool that got me started making tools.
BMW Airhead Carb. Sync. Adapters,  These adapters are to
help you use the spark plug shorting method to synchronize
accurate method for syncing your carbs as it takes all factors
complete easy to understand directions.  In addition to the
adapters all you will need are two long plastic handled
screwdrivers.  This method of syncing carbs does take a little
your airhead will be running better than ever.  Includes what
I've been told are very good instructions.

These adapters will work on any BMW airhead, points or
electronic ignition.  They provide very secure attachment
which is what is needed on the electronic igniton models.  

Alternator rotor removal tool. Will fit all BMW airhead twins
from 1969-1995.  Puller is machined from a 80 to 90mm
hardened 8.8 metric bolt.  the BMW factory tool   is made from
the same grade bolt.  Rotor removal instructions included.  I
can also make a slightly longer one that does the same thing
on /2's  Includes rotor removal instructions.

Swingarm socket. fits dual shock models. Will also work on
later bikes but they usually don't need the socket to be
turned down. This is a quality socket to fit the 27mm
swingarm pivot bolt locknut that has been machined down
to fit into the swingarm recess. It also has been faced to
allow greater purchase. You need this tool to help remove
the swingarm pivot bolts when working on your
transmission,  working on your driveshaft, replacing the
driveshaft boot, centering your swingarm and or doing a
spline lube

BMW Airhead Clutch Alignment Tool   This tool allows you
to easily align your clutch parts so the transmission
splines will fit properly when assembled.   Tool is
machined from quality 2024 aluminum.  Short stub end is
for early machines, long end is for later bikes with different
clutch carrier.  You'll figure it out.

36 mm faced socket for fork tube caps and center steering nut
on some bikes
I've been told it will it also fit the aluminum caps on /2 swing


Also offering a 30mm faced 1/2" drive socket that will fit the the
lower fork cap nuts on all 1967 - 1973 airheads and the upper
spring retainer nuts on  /6 and later airheads.

This small aluminum or cooper ring will adjust later model
gs's and other BMW's steering bearing using a torque
wrench.  The BMW tool that it duplicates is something like
$15.00 these days. Includes instructions.


classics you can ride
Tools I'm working on include   /5 lower fork socket,  and timing cover puller.  I always appreciate
ideas so let me know what you think.
Tool to hold the flywheel on our airheads so you can remove the
flywheel bolts.  If left on the flywheel will also index it so it gets
installed in the same place, providing you don't turn the crank.  Or
our airheads it's used horizontally towards the top of the flywheel
Should also work on /2's

The inside casting of the engine blocks sometimes are irregular
and  you may need to file or grind the upper corners of the bar to fit.
Clutch release and removal bolts

These are the bolts, nuts and washers you
need to easier and safely let out the clutch.  
Many folks were having some have trouble
finding them in a hardware store  So now I
stock them.

 This is the tool to remove and tighten the
connecting rod bolts  It can sometimes be
sourced locally  This is likely cheaper.  I keep
a few around for folks that can't find them or
don't have time to look.  The BMW version is
$30 +.  

Airhead exhaust nut wrench.  This tool fits ALL airheads exhaust nuts
on bikes made from 1969-1995.  Long finned /5 nuts, the shorter
finned later nuts and the r65 nut.  It also fits finned slash 2 nuts.  It is
laster cut from 3/8' steel and zinc plated.  Much more durable then the
cast wrenches that are out there.  Approx. 13" long.  

Removing  the exhaust nuts, cleaning  up the threads on them and the
heads and renewing  the anti seize should be once a year replaced by
welding or with a sleeve.  

Last I saw Bob's BMW wants $49.95 for a cast wrench!  I think this one
works better and is for sure stronger.  BMW's tool is well over $100!

Don't buy half a wrench!!  Buy one with a handle.

The wrench fits onto the nuts from the front and moves back into the
fins.                              $29.00   

Replacement exhaust nuts on maintenance parts page.

Hints on removing nuts on tech page, read before you goof up!!!
Torque wrench adapter for driveshaft bolts.  This adapter on your
properly torque those 12 pt. driveshaft bolts.  Fits 3/8" drive torque for
added length and adapter needs to be used when extended The
BMW tool is over $40.00!

Includes torque adjustment formula
*         Driveshaft bolts                    
                                                                     available on parts page.

Main seal installer,  This tool helps you install the main
seal easily and evenly.   Tool has adjustable stops so
you install in at the proper depth.  Includes instructions.

Remember to block your crankshaft!!

Rear main seals and oilpump cover o rings offered
on mainenance-parts page.

article by Nick Greear on clutch and rear main seal
Oil Breather Puller,  This tool will pull the old
syle breather and the you can replace with
the new style reed valve breather.  The
breather can be pulled with a good slide
hammer also, so if you have one you don't
need this.  Includes instructions.

Steering bearing race puller #1.  Tool to remove
the difficult to get at races in the steering head,
Includes instructions.


Now offering steering bearings on
maintenance-parts page.
Points adjust tool for BMW /2's with the
original points.   Works just like the above
tool and offers the same advantages.

*  The torque settings for this have been all over the map
lately.  I use 25-27 ft. lbs of torque, blue loctite on a clean
degreased good bolt. Bolts can be reused but should be
inspected for stretch and replaced if they appear bad!
Tool to help you adjust, and remove bearings in /2's,
/5's and /6's I believe.  They match up with the BMW
tools and can be had in 54mm, 44mm Lots of good
instructions on the web for removing and adjusting
wheel bearings.  Let me know when you

$6.00 @  any size Tool
Swingarm bearing race puller.  This will pull the
difficult to get at swingarm bearing races.  It will
also remove the seal after you cut out the
rubber.  Includes instructions


Swingarm bearings are offered on
maintenance-parts page.
Clutch adjust gauge and tool.  This is a
gauge and wrench to adjust your airhead
clutch.  Using it and the instructions will
make  adjustment of your clutch easy and
correct..  No doubt!!  13mm thin wrench on
one end for the lock nut on your throwout

This is a small nylon bolt that I've cut to length and modified so it
fits in the rotor bolt allen slot.  When you put the generator cover
put back on and snug it up, it will keep the crank pushed back.  
That keeps you from pushing it forward when you take the
flywheel off and are goofing around back there.  You can jury rig
something like this yourself.  Like many of my tools this is a
convenience to save you time and headscratching

SPLINE LUBE GREASE  If  you don't want to buy
small amounts of a combination of moly 60 and a
lubes.  Includes cut down acid swap, add a piece of
1/4" dowel and it's a great tool for cleaning splines
and applying grease.  You don't need much!  This is
enough for at least 2-3 lubes.

I do lots of Seibenrock special orders for seats, cylinder kits etc.  
Prices are generally the same as what Seibenrock would charge.  It
takes 2-3 weenk, shipping is relatively expensive and there is a
currency fee.  Let know what you want and we can see what the deal
is.   Jeff
Output flange tool, this will secure the output flange so you
can remove the nut.  Then it will help remove the flange from
it's taper.  Includes instructions.


Transmission output seal for sale on maintenance parts

This puller removes the lower race on the
steering column.  


If purchased with the above steering bearing
race puller  total is $84.00  for both.
Guide Ring Puller  Your 81-95 airhead has a
guide ring on the back of the flywheel. It nees
to be removed to replace main seal etc.
Does have a o ring in side that should be
replaced also.  This tool helps pull the guide
ring off.   Includes instructions.

jefftrapp247 at if the email
box doesn't work
exhaust wrench is unbelievable."
exhaust flange nuts will unscrew
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Excellent service as well."

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Your tools sure made it easy."
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answering questions sure
made it easier to get the job

"I received last Friday the
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performed the spline lube
and the yearly nut anti-sieze
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Thank you -for the trust,
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help in  keeping the old
iron on the road.

Got the tool - Airheads (as we know)
Hi Jeff, The parcel of tools arrived
today, wow what good service is that
The tools are very good quality and i
am sure they will just ideal for my
rebuild project. Many thanks Jeff,
"If anyone is interested in the
shorting method of adjusting
carbies, AND you want a nice
written instruction saying how to
perform this task, Northwoods
Airheads has the instructions if
you buy a set of shorting tools:"

I love your service as
much as your parts!
Greatly appreciated. PT
Thanks for the great tools and
the instructions will make
tinkering with the RS far easier
and more fun!
About half the airheads that buy my exhaust wrench
comment that they are surprised at the robustness of
the tool.  It is a honest 3/8" thick and would make a good
home defense weapon.  It is substantial!
Race remover worked so well
almost wanted to do another
bike. Pretty slick
.  T. L.
Nice article on spline lubes here, with photos
"I just this minute found your website, and
although I'm new to Airhead wrenching, I
know just enough to spot Tool Porn at it's
very best, and - brother, you done nailed it!  
So many necessary goodies, all in one
place!  Pictures!  NO Teutonic 11-digit
numbers to screw-up!  Yikes!  I can see a
love/hate relationship, just ahead.  Stores
like yours lead straight to divorce court,
and you really should be ashamed."
Big THANKS from a satisfied
customer and big fan.  I hope we
can meet one day.
Always a pleasure, sir, and we'll no
doubt be doing this again before
long.   C H
Thank you sincerely for the great service. I really
like that clever accurate exhaust nut tool and
the peanut valve covers – very high quality.