Cylinder Stud Thread Repair Jig Rental

Rental Fee $75.00 includes shipping to you.

Jig rental has taken a jump recently, mostly due to Paypal now charging me $9 to return your deposit.  If anyone has a better idea for security let me know.  


If you've got a pulled cylinder stud and aren't in the mood to buy a jig and helicoil setup for 
many hundreds of dollars I've got a solution for you.  RENT MINE!  It will cost you $65.00 for 
a 7 day rental. Rental includes the jig, drill bit, helicoil tap and insertion tool, one  long 
helicoil, and postage to you.  You will need to furnish the drill motor with 3/8" or larger 
chuck, a tap handle or socket to drive the tap. and return postage.  Comes with full 
instructions.  Payment is via paypal and will need to include $300 tool deposit that will be 
returned to you when I get the tool back.  It all fits in a small Priority Mail Flat Rate box, 
presently around $7.80.  Addl. helicoils are $4.50.  

Here's a great webpage detailing how to repair you pulled cylinder stud.

As one well known airhead guru told me" All you need is a drill and some common sense"

Using the jig and fixing your stripped block is pretty easy as long as you can be patient and follow instructions. \

If you aren't familier with using helicoil repairs, get a buddy who is familier  to help or read up on the subject.  

This pictures shows the jig mounted to the block and drilling for the helicoil.



This photo shows tapping the hole for the helicoil.

This photo shows theading in the helicoil.



BMW has stopped supplying the long helicoil with a thread locking compound.  Have to wonder why.  I supply the same length helicoil and you need to supply your own red locktite.  Doesn't need much just a little on the outside of the coil before insertion.