classics you can ride
Steering bearings,  These will actually
fit all 2valve boxers and K-bikes.
German FAG bearings

part # 1090         $33.00 @
need 2
Swingarm bearings

Fits all 2valve boxers before 1985.

part # 1100          $25.00 @

need 2   
Rear main Seal  This is the latest generation
rear main seal.  Don't need the soaking in oil like
in the past.
NOTE,  While you are replacing the rear main
you should also replace the oil pump cover o
ring.  Often it's what's leaking and you are right
there anyway

article by Nick Greear on clutch and rear main
seal replacement

Part #1201  $27.00
I do lots of Seibenrock special orders for seats, cylinder kits etc.  Prices are generally the same as
what Seibenrock would charge.  They've gotten better at shipping though still relatively  expensive and
there usually is a currency exchange charge.  Neat stuff, glad to do it, just let me know what you want
and we can see what the deal is.  Jeff
Cylinder Head Gaskets for airhead up to

part # 0901    $16.50@
need 2
Cylinder Head Gasket for 1000cc

part # 0902     $16.5@
need 2
Cylinder Base Gaskets for Airheads up to

Part #  910   $5.00   

need 2
Cylinder base o ring
from 9/75

part #  0915          $4.75  @
need 2

Cylinder Stud O ring, small 2 valve
boxer from 9/75

part # 0920            $1.20   @
need 4
Pushrod seals
To  9/75        part #       0950
From 9/75     part #       0955  
r45 and r65  part #       0960   

$3.00 @  need 4

NOTE, When installing pushrod seals I put a
smear of motor oil on the outside  and silicone
grease on the inside.  
Valve cover gasket, All airheads

Part #  1300           $5.25 @
need 2

NOTE , Use a light coating of oil on the
engine side of the gasket and nothing
on the cover side.  The gasket will stick
to the engine and can be used many
Oil pan gasket
part #  1310       $8.50 @
need only 1

NOTE,  Be very careful torquing the oil
pan bolts!  They are probably the most
easily stripped bolts on your airhead.  
Use a quality known correct torque
wrench that goes down to the 80 in. lbs
email me
O ring for the oil pump cover.
If you are replacing a rear main seal,
replace this!  It could be what was
leaking as well!.  

Part # 925        $3.80 need one

BMW no longer has the screws for the
old oil pump cover.  These are grade
10.9 socket headed screws that work
great as a replacement.

Part # 926          .60 @ need 4
Driveshaft bolts.  These are the newer
ones, no lock washer and use  blue
loctite.   To 26 foot pounds of torque.   

I often reuse driveshaft bolts after
inspecting them to make sure they
aren't stretched etc.  Seldom are!

Part # 1320   $1.80 @  need 4
Temp out!!
Airfilter for /5-/6-/7 airheads and any
others that use round filter.  Made by
OEM manufactor Mahle.

Part # 1420      $18.00 @  
Airfilter for Airheads using flat filter.  
Made by OEM manufactor Mahle.

Part # 1430        $35.50 @
Single row timing chain for airheads from
1981 onwards and for the r45 and r65.
Includes master link.  Iwis brand chain.  

Part #1550       $34.00 @
Double row timing chair for /5-/6-/7
airheads to Sept 1978.  Includes master
link.  This is the same Iwis chain that you'd
buy from a dealer.  

Part # 1555       $49.50 @
Front Crankshaft seal

Part #1520    $9.50 @
Front camshaft seal Airheads from
9/75 to 9/80

Part #  1510    $  14.00 @
Front timing chain cover gasket.

Part # 1500   $4.20 @
Ignition sensor o ring.  This is the front
camshaft seal on later bikes.

Part # 1540   $3.00 @
Front chain cover small gasket.

Part # 1530   $1.00  @  need two
Large finned Exhaust nuts for your /5.

Part #1600     $34.00 @
Smaller finned Exhaust nuts for /6, /7
and other 800, 900, 1000cc bikes.  Not
for r65.

Part #1610      $ 32.00 @
This is the seal for the  swingarm
bearing to the left  Pulling them be a
pain and swingarm bearing puller will
pull these too, after you cut out the

part  #1120   $8.00 @

need two    
This little shield is at the base of the steering
bearings and usally gets mangled when
removing the bearing.  Sometimes you can
straighten it out using a large socket as a
mandrel.  In case you can't I've got some.

Part #1080     $3.40   need 1
Points set for /5-/6,/7.

Part #  1800    $18.00 @
My experience is these seldom go bad.  I do
keep one around just in case but don't
replace them every time I replace points like
some do.

Part #1810           $18.00 @
Steel filter shim   Part # 1440   $1.00@

White oil filter o ring Part # 1442    $2.00@

Paper gasket for early bikes  Part # 1444  $1.35@
Standard rebuild kit for 32mm bings.  
Includes just what you see.  One kit
does both carbs.

Part #  1850     $72.50
Siebenrock won't get these for me any longer, they are
making their own repro out of some much, much  more
weather and oil resistant rubber and a better more
weatherproof fit. Worth $10.00? let me know!

Keep a good one on there, otherwise water gets in
trans.  I put a little silicone at the top to seal around the

Part #  0970       $4.25 @
Output shaft seal

Fits twin shock and monolever airhead

Part #  1900   $13.50
Timing chain parts
Single row guide rail   #1553  $25.00
Single row spring        #1552  $    .55
Single row piston        #1551  $ 6.25

Double row tensioner #1557  $38.00
Double row spring      #1556  $ 3.50

Fishtail masterlink      #1515  $4.50
for double row chain
Shifter shaft seal.  Often leaks but one
of the easiest to replace.  Just lay your
fluid doesn't leak out,  take out the the
old seal and tap in the new one.  If it
takes more than 5 minute your

Part # 1910   $9.00 @  need one
Duplex Crankshaft Timing Chain Sprocket
Part #1560   $148.00  
Crankshaft Front Bearing, works with both
Single and Duplex chains
Part # 1564    $20.00  

Single Crankshaft Timing Chain Sprocket
Part # 1562     $50.00  
Driveshaft to swingarm boot.  Fit's all
airheads,  twin shock, monolever and

Part #  1920     $20.50 @
Fork Seals, Clockwise from top

/5./6./7 and r80-r100 up to 1985 + g/s
Part # 1050  $7.75 @
R65, r80, r100 1985 and up
Part # 1060   $10.75 @  

r80 and r100 gs 1988 and up
Part #  1070  $10.75 @
Oil pan drain crush washers

also fits transmission fill plug

Part # 1445   .75 @
BMW cloth covered fuel line.  
Enough to do one bike
Three (3) feet      $13.50
Part # 1860

Fuel line T  need 2
Part # 1862   $6.00
Guide ring o ring  Sometime around 1977 the
crankshaft flywheel connection was changed and
included a guide ring assembly. Inside this guidering
is a oring, it usually needs to be replaced and plenty
of folks don't know about it until they are in there.

Part # 928  $3.75   need one
jefftrapp247 at if the email
box doesn't work
If you are doing a pushrod seal job or
something else that require removing
the early piston pin clips I'd
recommend you buy a spare or two.  
Because of this tendency I've stocked
Because of this tendency I've stocked
some as a convenience.  

Part #  0965    1.00@
Front wheel bearings for para and
mono lever models.  Also fits K bike
fronts through 1996.  

Part # 1115      $18.50 @
Connecting rod bolt
Part # 1565   $3.25
Tach drive seal.bushing

Part #  1563      $10.00 @
Swingarm plastic caps
Part #  1105   $6.00  @
Final drive to swingarm gasket

Part #  1940  $1.75
Transmission cover gaskets

Part # 1946 4 spd trans.  $5.50 (right)

Part # 1947 5 spd trans.  $5.50
*  article on pushrod seal
job with photos
I inspect and reuse the later, larger ones if they
look ok.

I think they got bigger in Sept 1975

Part # 1951 smaller/early flywheel bolt $4.25@
Part # 1952 larger/later flywheel bolt   $3.99@
If your valve cover nut is a little ratty,
replace it with this Stainless Steel

part # 1305   $10.90  
A tank to karcoma petcock gasket
part # 1061    $ .60

Oil cooler filter from one of our favorite Airhead
support suppliers. This is their house filter.  
Great filter and a great bargain.  

Part #1401  $14.00
Non oil cooler oil filter from one of our
favorite Airheads support suppliers.  
This is their house filter and a great
Part # 1402  $14.00
THANK YOU for ALL the goodies.  Beautiful stuff, and an
easily-understood shopping/shipping list, for which I thank you.  
Also, it's a touch of class to include the info on the main seal
install - thanks, again.  I find that I gain a little bit of knowledge
from every reliable"Airhead" source, and I value your input very
highly.  C.H.  NM
Just a quick thank you, great product ,
and excellent service!!!