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                    classics you can ride
Also working on a non rusting battery hold down bar and a rt and
rs light mount.   Contact me if you are interested.
/5 Short wheelbase Tool Tray,  one of the few
items that BMW no longer makes for the /5 is the
tool tray.  Bmw does still have the  rubber edging,
$80.00+  $13 shipping
R80g/s and r100gs shift lever.

These bikes could use some more room between
the footpeg and shift lever to prevent unwanted
shifting.  Not to mention the roller actions seems to
work nice.  Machined from quality 2024-t4 aluminum
and includes stainless steel mounting hardware.  
The shifter is mounted in the first hole in front of the
present rubber shift lever and requires that you
remove the old lever by cutting..  

Includes complete easy to understand instructions.

We're fortunate that NGK has stepped in and are
making plugs for our airheads, after Bosch crapped

The BP6ES and will work in the,  R60, R75 /5-6-7,  
R80, R80G/S, R90/6, R100/7 other r100's,
The BP7ES will work in the R50, r65's, , R100S and
R100RS 76-80 R100.

Also have some B8ES for a little cooler plugs.

My experience is the later r100's aren't too fussy with

$4.25  @  

NGK has versions for other models, contact me if

I've one of those Harbor Freight tire changers.  Works
OK and is usually a big help but fails miserably at not
marring rims and won't hold the rims for my R100gs at
all.  So I came up with these blocks to hold the rims
more securely and without scratching.   These are
made from recycled deck material.  Seemed like a
perfect material and a good way to recycle the cutoffs.
Sold in sets of 3.

Bosch starter rebuild kit.  Fits all 1970-1987
BMW R and Moto Brushes and bushings to
rebuild your Bosch Guzzi with BOSCH 157
Series Starter.


Very high quality repro Classic style valve
covers for you airhead.  These will fit all
airheads 1970-1995.  Includes the studs.

$180 pair   
Modern compound brake shoes for the front
of your /5 or /6.  Clean and lube the pivots
and install these shoes and your drumbrake
pretty good.
$75.00  each   need 2  part # 2010

Rears for /5/6/7 are now available, same
price   part # 2011   
Large finned Exhaust nuts for your /5

Part #1742         Price  $34.00 each

Smaller nuts for later airheads on
maintenance parts page.

info on tech page for removing them!!
Real Magura Rubber grips for you /5 or other
airheads.  These were always a favorite of

Part # 1700        Price $32.00 for the pair
Stainless Repro Sidecovers for your Slash 5

#1710   Price  $175.00 for a pair.  
Replacement Round footpeg rubbers for your
/5 and others.

Part #  1720            $12.50  each
Ikons are the Koni shocks of the past and are rebuildable!

These fit  most dual shock Airheads, the /5's, /6's, /7's, r90s.
r80 rt's and r100 rt's and rs's etc.  Ask if you have doubts.

$425.00  for a pair  

Available via special order!  I no longer stock them, just too
expensive and too infrequent sales to do that anymore.  Special
order takes 2+ weeks.  They have gotten better at shipping last
order took 10 days!!
Siebenrock repro seats. replace your broken down, torn original.
 They also have a line of "improved" seats that utilize modern
foams and are quite comforable.  I don't stock these seats, too
many and I never seem to have had the right one in stock.  Seats
start at around $325.00.  Special orders take 2-4 weeks and
shipping and currency fees usually amount to $100-115.  

Seibenrock also has seats and solo seats and racks for you g/s
or gs airheads.

Don't hesitate to email if you have questions.  I haven't been
stocking any lately as it seems I never have the one that
someone wants and can't afford to stock all. Easy to special
order though and glad to do it.  
Enduralast chargings system
Replace the BMW R Airhead and Moto Guzzi original, under-
performing 20 amp (max) alternator and rectifier.
•The critically important higher amperage output of this system at
low engine RPM's allows use of lighting, heating and other
accessories to be used without discharging the battery or
overloading the original charging system.
•The EnDuraLast Alternator produces 20 amps at 2000 RPM !
•High-tech permanent magnet rotor will never overheat and short
out.  Brushless design eliminates worn out rotor slip rings and
•Combination electronic voltage regulator /rectifier housed in
finned cast-aluminum housing which mounts remotely for
increased cooling and reliability (Pt # EDL450-VoltRect).   
•Bolts right on and wires up simply.  
•Original alternator cover fits over the alternator with no alterations
•Designed and manufactured to modern OEM specifications.  
•Purchase and install it now and make it the last improvement to
your charging system !
•Also available for BMW 1970-76 w/105mm stator frame

$499.00 plus shipping of $25.00. SPO with same day drop
Valeo starter 8 tooth for /5's
Replace the heavy,underpowered Bosch starter.  
These will turn over your old airhead much faster
issues are a thing of the past.  

24 month warranty

$280.00 plus $20.00 shipping  SPO with same day
drop shipping
Valeo 9 Tooth starter for Airheads from 1977-1995
Replace the heavy,underpowered Bosch starter.  
These will turn over your old airhead much faster
than the bosch and save weight in the bargain.  
issues are a thing of the past.  

24 month warranty

$220.00 plus $20.00 shipping  SPO with same day
drop shipping
Repro seat for LWB /5 and early /6.  Includes
hinges and rail.  

Siebenrock has lots of repro seats available,
including solo seats and racks for r80g/s and
r100gs and gspd.  
Euro low bars
this bar was optional on the /5.  Nice bars, I
have a set on my SWB /5.  Made by Fehling.  
 Temp out!!

I can also special order S bars if that's what
you like.  
E-Z pull throttle springs for your bing carbs.  Approx.
30% lighter pull makes a nice change for your wrist.

3 models available
606  Later 32 mm, with  3 digit number
908   Early 32 mm bing with 2 digit number
312   Bing 40 mm

Good time to clean up, grease and adjust your throttle

$12.50 a pair
11 rib fork boots  #1730    $25.00 each
13 rib fork boots  #1740    $32.00  each
If your bike has points you should be running a points
booster!  They only use the points as a trigger, this
means there are only 1/10 of a amp of voltage going
though your points instead of the whole charge from
your coil.  This means no pitted points and points can
last 3-4 times the usual.  That and if there is a issue
rearrange the wires and you are back to normal. The
only real wear item is the rubbing block so you should
make a effort to check it and keep it lubed.   A great
system!     $90.00
Dynatek electronic ignition

I'm a fan of points myself.  But lots of folks
like electronic ingitions.  Also if you have a
bent  cam tip or a bad points plate replacing
the points with a Dyna may be the best and
or cheapest option, easy to install.   

Solid diode board mounts

The original rubber mounts are known to degrade and
let go which can allow wrecking the board.  These also
guarantee superior grounding!   For your r90s or r100.  

$20.00 for a set of four.

Some airhead models BMW built right, if you have a /5 or
/6 except the r90s or a 78-87 r65 or r80 you already have
solid mounts.  
jefftrapp247 at if the email
box doesn't work
I've had numerous requests for plug wires.  These
are nice silicone jacketed wires with Beru resister
caps.  For $20 -$30 less than BMW gets.

Same price for 1k ohm and 5k ohm sets.  Generally
it's 1k ohm for points bikes and 5k ohm for electronic
ignition bikes.
$45.00 a set
Alternator brushes need to be replaced usually
around 80,000.  You can measure them to keep
ahead of things.\\

Part #  1820  $6.50 for pair
New rubbers for your shift lever!

Part #  1725  4 speed  (gray)   $3.50

Part #  1726  5 speed      $4.00
When it comes to the charging system
problem diagnosis, check these two first. It's
most often one or other.  Long trips I carry a
spare of each.

Replacement Alternator Rotor, all years
New, not rebuilt   $125.00

Electronic regulator  $25.00
Repro side covers for your slash 6 or 7.
Ready to paint.

$60.00 @  specify left (clutch) or right side
Oil pressure switches

For slash5, no gasket needed, on left  
#1821  $12.50

All other airheads, oilheads and K bikes
# 1822  $10.75
Heat sink paste  single application.
Every 10 years or so you need to renew the paste
behind the ignition module of you electronic
ignition airhead.  If the bike quits when hot and
then starts again after cooling this could be the

Modern compound brake pads for ATE disks

$48.00 for two pads  Part # 2012

New!!  !
These are drivers replacement footrest for /7
era dual shock bikes, including r65.

Upper rubber is for /7 up to Sept 1980
Part # 1721   $24.00 @

Sept. 1980 and later
Part # 1722  $12.50 @

Magnetic oil drain plug. Catch some of those
tiny metal flakes in you sump.

Part #1447        $12.50 @  
"WHAT A DIFFERENCE that booster
The R90 runs MUCH better at idle.
Didn't seem bad before but the
change now makes it seem sub
standard. On the road; NO
hesitation whatsoever. Prior; just a
slight pause compared to now.
Much stronger and consistent
overall, NO doubt about it,"

I do lots of Seibenrock special orders for seats, cylinder kits etc.  
Prices are generally the same as what Seibenrock would charge.  
Takes 2-3 weeks and shipping is relatively expensive and there
usually is a currency exchange charge.  Neat stuff, glad to do it,
just let me know what you want and we can see what the deal is.  
Bosch coils, the real thing!  Replace those aging or cracked
units.  Need two.  $90.00 each